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Ten Things You Can Do for the Democratic Party..


  1. Help the Rockdale County Democratic Party practice the politics of inclusion – help us make special efforts to reach out to young people, seniors, the disability community and members of underrepresented populations.


  1. Target – you can’t and don’t have to reach everyone.  Work with the Party to identify high turnout Democratic performance precincts for volunteer recruitment.


  1. Run for office.  Don’t let a school board, city council or legislative seat go uncontested.


  1. Attend local school board, city council and county commission meetings to provide input on public policy and legislation.


  1. Lead — make sure everyone is pulling together despite minor differences (create a gossip-free environment).


  1. Persuade voters with a message built on the 5 C’s — Clear, Compelling, Contrasting, Concise and Connected.


  1. Constantly remind yourself and others that the work of the Democratic Party at the grassroots level is important and contributes to Democratic victories.


  1. Neighborhood associations have active, involved members — reach out to them and invite their leaders and members to get involved in the local party.


  1. Publicize all Rockdale County Party events to increase visibility.


  1. Encourage everyone you know to register to vote. Promote absentee ballots and vote-by-mail whenever possible.