About Us

The Rockdale County Democratic Committee is a county committee of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Our voting body is comprised of 6 post seat holders from each State House District in Rockdale County. All members in even-numbered seats are elected by primary ballot in a gubernatorial year, and all members in odd-numbered districts are elected by party caucus at DCDC business meetings, but anyone may apply to fill vacant seats any time, and the Chair may appoint anyone to sit on the committee at-large to ensure affirmative action on race and gender grounds.

We engage in Get-Out-The-Vote activities year in and year out, especially during election years. District by district, we find opportunities to increase Democratic performance and improve Democratic participation.  We work to support our Democratic elected officials during difficult legislative battles. In spite of a challenging political climate, we are striving to become the machine Democrats need us to be.

Above all, we stand for social and economic justice. It’s time for you to stand with us in this important work. To make a real difference, we need Democrats from all walks of life and every district in our county.

Party Documents

We abide by and support the charter, by-laws and platform of the Democratic Party of Georgia as well as our own county by-laws and platform.

RCDP Officers
Roslyn Ridgeway

RCDP Chair

Jared McKinley

1st Vice Chair

Arlan Gibson

2nd Vice Chair

Committee Chairs

  • Budget and Finance –  N/A

  • By-Laws  – N/A

  • Campaign Research – N/A

  • Candidate Development  – N/A

  • Communications – N/A

  • Fundraising – N/A

  • GOTV N/A

  • Membership  – N/A

  • Party Organization and Development –N/A

  • Special Events –  N/A

  • Strategic Planning Committee- N/A

Committee Chairs
  • President of Rockdale Young Democrats – Vacant

  • President of Rockdale Democratic Women – Vacant

Committee Chairs

Precinct Captains from each House District in Rockdale County constitute a House District Committee. District Committees elect a District Chair and the District Chairs serve on the Party’s Steering Committee. The committee is empowered to fill vacancies and appoint additional non-voting members called “alternates”.

The District Committees’ purpose is to support their constituency before the County Committee and to be the Democratic “eyes and ears” to their respective State Representative regardless of the legislator’s political affiliation. The relationship with the legislator is informal, but also vital to letting our voice be heard in state government. In addition to being the Democratic voice in the House District, the committee is charged with organizing the District’s Democrats into a powerful political organization on Election Day and year round.

  • 1- Tolbert Morris

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Spencer Butler

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Andrea Snow

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Zuri Williams

  • 2- Vacant

Flat Shoals
  • 1- Brian Jenkins

  • 2- Geraldine Coleman

  • 1- LaCosha Williams

  • 2- Vacant

Honey Creek
  • 1-Vacant

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Lynne Anderson

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Shay Smith

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Kenny Johnson

  • 2- Vacant

Olde Towne
  • 1-Howard O'Neal

  • 2- Connie Alsobrook

  • 1- Vacant

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Vacant

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Rhonda Taylor

  • 2- Vacant

St. Pius
  • 1-Tommy Plummer

  • 2- Janie Jones

  • 1- Vacant

  • 2- Vacant

The Lakes
  • 1- Vacant

  • 2- Vacant

  • 1- Arlan Gibson

  • 2- Cheryl Board

  • 3- Eric Washington

  • 4- Janice Morris

  • 5- Jared McKinley

  • 6- John Penn

  • 7- Thomas McCrea

  • 1- Doreen Williams

  • 2- Rhonda Taylor

  • 3- Sherri Washington

  • 4- Stanley Williams

  • 5- Tisa Washington

  • 6- Kenny Johnson

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